Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wow Wow

Back's been a while between posts Wish that I could say the same about cigarettes.

Um, life has ambled on over the last few months. I have just gotten back from UK/USA and am having the same adjustment issues as last year. Dear lord, the tedium predictability of my reactions is boring even me.

In any event, my latest news is that I am desperate to move to America. I've decided. That is my next place of residence.

Just got to make it happen. But I will. Oh yes, I will.


laika said...

i wish you all the best for your plans to move to the US,

your blog-neighbour :)

vivian said...

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Alia Dalwai said...

All the best with ur life!

Bev said...

Good luck. I was born and raised in Chicago and love everything about it. The diversity (I'm married to a man from Iran who speaks Persian) is accepted and encouraged, the amount of things to do and see is amazing. The public transportation makes needing a car obsolete. We would love to have you in Chicago!!! Life is short, do what makes you happy. Love and respect from Chicago, XOXOXOXO

hapi said...

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Steve Finnell said...

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